NP-Complete Breakfast

Hi, I'm James

About me

I'm a graduate student in the bioinformatics program at UCSF. I'm a joint student in the Bandyopadhyay and Krogan labs.

I decided I should make a blog because tweets are too short to say some things. We'll see how it goes.

Just now I realized I'm about to give a lot of people at PMWCHi there, PMWC people. I wrote a post about that card. a link to this website and I should probably add some Premium Contentâ„¢. Or at least my CV.

  • I'm on Twitter, as I previously mentioned. If you think this website is way too long and/or lacking in cat GIFs, you can go there.
  • I'm also on GitHub, although not as much as I should be.
  • I have an ORCID. I'm not totally sure what I'm doing with it but I fervently believe it's worth having.

Some projects

I've made some random projects in my copious free time.

  • This site is (as of today) built using Lektor and hosted on GitHub Pages. The code is hosted here if you're really curious.Actually that's not really the code at all—it's the static website that gets generated by Lektor. The real code is here.
  • Revealed-d3 is a blank template for presentations that use Reveal.js and d3.js. It's pretty simple but I find it useful.
  • Frameshift is currently down, but When it was up, it was an A/B voting site to decide what glasses I should order from Warby Parker.
    • I'll fix it someday. Maybe even upgrade it? And put it on GitHub.