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More Glasseye


Seems like I’m still pretty bad at updating this thing. Partially because I’m sure no one is reading it. Something of a Catch-22 there. So here’s another website-customization post!


Tufte CSS suggests that you break articles up into sections, with a little bit of padding around them. That was a little tricky to do here because there’s no section syntax in Markdown, but since I don’t use horizontal rules, I can use that syntax to designate the beginning and ending of sections by replacing the resulting tag in my fork of Glasseye. It’s a little hacky but it’ll do. I’d prefer to use BeautifulSoup to do the processing, but I didn’t see an easy way to wrap lots of tags into a section.

Because this post is pretty smalland also because I found a typo so I was editing it anyway, I broke up the Team Science post into sections as well.