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Introducing Glasseye, sort of


I like how this looks but I wanted more functionality—particularly the sidenotes from Tufte CSS.Look! A sidenote!

And yes, this is still a blog about making a blog. I’ll get to other topics eventually.

Looking around for options, I stumbled on Glasseye, by Simon Raper, which looks really nice. He’s combining Markdown, Tufte CSS, and d3.js in one package! Those are three things I like! And it’s in Python!

After digging into it, I ended up with a fairly stripped-down version of his code, to the extent that I just stuck it straight into a Lektor plugin rather than using the Glasseye package itselfThat reminds me, I really need to put the actual code for this site up on Github…. For now I have jettisoned all of his (very nice) d3 charts, because I’m instinctively against the idea of letting the Man design my plots for me. I can make my own d3 charts, thank you very much.But they do look pretty snazzy. I just noticed that the sidenotes don’t turn into pop-ups when the screen gets small, which is how they’re supposed to work. I should fix that.Update: I did!

On Monday I visited with Lenny TeytelmanI interact with him mostly through Twitter so I might as well link to that. of, and we talked about a variety of stuff including the intersection of open-access science publishing and startups. One of the reasons I made this blog was so I could stick those ideas somewhere…maybe that’ll be the next post.

Or maybe I’ll change the font sizes and write about that. And I know I’m going crazy with the sidenotes, they’re fun.